7 Considerations For Social Media Marketing in 2019

7 Considerations For Social Media Marketing in 2019

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. The plethora of social media growth is amazing. So many avenues to promote your site, so few people doing so with reserve. These are all very viable ways to promote products, services, blogs, etc., but there are a few things that you should consider when making use of a social media to market yourself.

Social media marketing is now a billion dollar industry and no brand in the world don’t want to left out of it. More your reach, more you grow – this is the mantra of current SMM formula.

This post isn’t meant for the veteran Social Marketer, but for those that are just now considering it’s application to your business, and need a few pointers.

Social Media Marketing In 2019

1. Always Be Nice

I think I’m going to make this the first rule on every single list I make. It really should go without saying that you should be nice to those around you. Not only will it help your SMM progress, but acting the opposite way will actually diminish it…greatly. Unless you have made a niche for yourself as the blogger with attitude, and it’s already proved successful, then you should probably be considerate of others, their opinions, and their space.

2. Don’t Be Selfish

A one-day-old StumbleUpon account with only stumbles to your site isn’t really going to get you anywhere. People notice that kind of thing. Provide useful stuff’s for free and people will love you for it.

Instagram influencer’s are using this strategy to get more followers and drive sales to the parent brand.

3. Get Involved

In line with the last one, you should get involved in the community. Got a Facebook account? Make friends, join or start a group, post relevant comments on friends’ accounts. Don’t jump to self promotion just yet.

4. Stay Involved

And in line with the last 2. Perhaps the biggest reason I don’t make use of a Facebook account or most other Social Media Marketing avenues, is due to the amount of time that really should be given to the project. It’s not an absurd amount, but your social account really shouldn’t go stagnant. If you just stop stumbling for a long period of time, it’s going to take time to gain followers again. If your Instagram or Facebook account shows that you haven’t logged in for 3 months, there will be some question as to your company’s “open” status.

5. Stay On Topic

BE RELEVANT as much as possible! People trust in authenticity. Post only what your niche or product related to, and don’t confuse your audiences. Sure, there are times when you take a vacation and want to share a personal photo you took (not too personal mind you), and doing so may even help your perception as a “real person” and not a big bad company, but try to be conservative.

6. Don’t Spam

A lot of communities let you message others. This function can be used to ask for a vote on Reddit or StumbleUpon. Use Sparingly!! You may have friends that you have grown to communicate with on a regular basis, and sending them a quick “hey vote for my story” probably doesn’t hurt anyone, but when you make no connections, and arbitrarily send “vote for my story” messages to people with whom you have never communicated, it will definitely have an adverse affect. It’s a good way to be black marked, or even banned from the community.

7. Beware The TOS

Finally, become aware of the official Terms of Service for your community. These were thought out and put forth for a reason. Reddit TOS, for example, states that you agree not to “exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service.” This means that having an account solely for the purpose of promoting a product is against their TOS. Making yourself aware of this will help you to promote your product or service appropriately, without getting your account banned. Hint: I’ll be showing you just that with the Reddit Marketing article I’m putting together.

Hopefully this will get you on your way with Social Media Marketing. In the end, use your noggin. Things are pretty much common sense and etiquette in the online world as they are in the offline world (well…most of the time).